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November 04, 2008


Georgian Devil

Lot of folks giving McCain credit for his gracious speech last night. I say Fuck John McCain. He ran a utterly nasty campaign that he should be so embarrassed by he'll go to his grave in shame. What a nasty little man. Glad he lost, the little turd.


It's been a while since I have perused vaguespace and for the first time I am impressed for you to actually print an intelligent thought.

Black Elmo

We won! Free Colt 45 for all!!




Don't underestimate the power of reiiolgn and money, both of which Mitt possesses. I hope your right too, the GOP needs some substance restored to the party. It's a shadow of its former self full of slogans and short on actions. A return to the basics is in order. Smaller, less intrusive government. Fiscal responsibility and the securing of our borders to show that republicans are indeed strong on national defense. Get out of the reiiolgn end and people's bedrooms and back to basics.

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