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February 07, 2008



I don't know what you were drinking when you made this list. Clearly "Like a Forest" should easily be #160.


Black, like a forest, and still like a lion. My knees are bended. We used to speak a different language. I wasted my breath on words soon forgotten. Left unattended, they're moving their feet, but nobody's dancing.


Only the T-1000 can save you.

bubba joe

Dude, where's Tool?
Simply ridiculous


Are you going to have mp3s for 101-200?


Sadly, no, I wasn't planning on mp3s for the rest. It took me way too long to upload the rest of them.


That's not right man. Build us up with this hope of some good mp3s, give us a great list and then don't provide the goods??? That's just not right.


Fantastic effort. Some great tunes. Must have taken you ages, but thanks for a bunch of decent tunes picked up.

Record Executive

Go to a legitimate site and buy the music you cheap little punks. I've got 7 kids to feed. I'll bring this site down before I'm finished.

Jewey Jew

7 kids? I never knew there are record executives that are Hasidic


Where are all the R&B tunes?


Excellent list! I have been following Vague Space for a while now and I find that we have very similar tastes, so I will surely pay attention to the songs that I am unfamiliar with. Thanks for your great work!


haha i only have 3 of these songs:
Romulus - Sufjan Stevens
All My frineds - LCD Soundsystem
For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens


I love your taste, man. You've got me hooked on Pavement.

Wii Javelin

Very hard to believe in your top-200 favorite songs of all-time there is not one single song by a successful, commercial popular artist. Not one song by Billy Joel, The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Springsteen, Madonna, David Bowie, Sinatra, Green Day, Stevie Wonder, Sting, etc...? Is this really your 200 favorite songs or your 200 favorite Indie Songs? I hope it's the latter or I don't believe this list.


Stevie Wonder, now that's funny.

Radiohead is a very successful, commercial, popular artist. As are U2 and R.E.M., who both appear in the second 100. The Smiths, New Order, and The Cure were huge international stars in the '80s, and even bigger in their native Britain. Try going beyond the mainstream, Mr. Javelin, and you might find some good music out there that you don't know about.


Where's the Bee Gees and Barry Manilow?


I love your list! My only criticism is that you need some Beirut on there. I couldn't make a top 200 with out at least half of beirut's songs haha


Just for your own enjoyment, you might want to delve into a few other genres. And as hard as it is to imagine, there really was some great music recorded before 1982. You might like this band called the Clash.


here's a list I can absolutely agree with. Thanks for the all hard work you've done...

manual trackback, because otherwise it's not working for me: http://itstoolong.com/wp/2008/03/28/mal-ganz-subjektiv-die-200-besten-lieder-aller-zeiten/

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