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March 14, 2007



One final comment and then I promise I'll give it a rest...

Former Big East member Boston College (by the way, don't you love how BC and Va Tech are doing so much better in the ACC standings than they ever did - or rarely did in the case of BC - in the Big East? Va Tech was a laughingstock. Now they finish in the top 5 of the ACC every year; oh, by the way, the Big East top 10 teams went 9-4 vs. the ACC this season.)

Boston College
NCAA Seed: 7
Record: 20-11, 10-6 conference, 5-5 last ten, lost to UNC in semifinals

Out of Conference WINS: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan State, UMass, Fairfield, Sacred Heart, Northeastern, Yale, Hartford.

Out of Conference LOSSES: at Providence, vs. Vermont, at Kansas, vs. Duquesne

Syracuse: Not in tournament
Record: 22-10, 10-6 conference, 7-3 last ten, lost to Notre Dame in quarterfinals

Out of conference wins: St. Francis (PA), Penn (tourney team), UTEP, Northeastern (BC played them), UNC Charlotte, at Canisius, Holy Cross (tourney team), Colgate, Baylor, Hofstra (tourney team last year), St. Bonaventure

Out of conference losses: Drexel, Wichita, Oklahoma State

Syracuse doesn't have any impressive OOC wins, but did beat 2 tourney teams, BC only the one (1-9 on the road this season, Michigan State (only winning at Penn State and yet also making the tourney, as a 9 seed)). Syracuse's losses are certainly no worse than BC's, except that BC did play Kansas (and lost by 18). That helps them in the RPI - but in reality, is a blow out loss that shows nothing about the quality of the team (except that they're a lot worse than Kansas).

Summary: Syracuse and BC both did little out of conference, and you couldn't separate the two if you tried. So let's look at in-conference.

Boston College:
Wins: Maryland (tourney team), at NC State, at Wake Forest, Virginia (tourney), Miami, Florida St, Va Tech (tourney), at Miami, at Florida St, Clemson, Miami

Losses: Anybody good (UNC twice, Duke twice, at Va Tech), plus at Georgia Tech and home vs. Clemson.

The only good wins in there are Maryland, Virginia and at NC State. They beat Miami 3 times! Miami went 4-12 in the ACC (12-20 overall). Seriously.

Wins: at Marquette (tourney team, 20th in nation), at Rutgers, Villanova (tourney), Cincy, DePaul, St. John's, at S. Florida, UConn twice, at Providence (who beat BC), Georgetown (tourney, #6 in nation)

Losses: Pitt, at St. John's, at Louisville, Notre Dame twice, at Villanova, at UConn

We only lost to two non-tourney teams (UConn and St.John's) and beat Georgetown, Villanova, and Marquette - easily better than BC's Maryland, Virginia, NC State troika (plus we won at Providence, which beat BC).

Now, in BC's defense, we did get to beat up on St.John's, Rutgers, USF, and Cincy, while they only played Miami 3 times, so maybe you can bring them back up to even in strength of wins. I think Syracuse is at worst even in strength of losses.

Again, there is no discernible difference between these two teams. The schedules were almost frighteningly similar, except that BC played top 10 schools three times (UNC twice & Kansas, and lost all three), while we only played them twice (Pitt and G'Town) and split the two games. Against top 20 teams, we were 2-4. BC was (still) 0-3. Maryland and Virginia are not in the top 20. Marquette and Notre Dame and Louisville are.

Finally, BC is a #7 seed in the tournament.
Syracuse was excluded from competing.

If BC were in the Big East this year, (a) would they have been 10-6? (b) If they were, would they be in the tournament with the same out of conference schedule?

What a complete disgrace. BC deserves to be in the tournament (maybe not as a 7 seed, but they deserve to be in). How can anyone anywhere claim that Syracuse does not??

Oh that's right, Boston College's RPI was 32, while Syracuse was 50. So is it possible, or is it quite likely, that the RPI is a huge flawed failure that unfairly hurt the Big East this year? Um, yes. And is it possible that the idiots doing the selection this year didn't notice this and weigh the merits of each team properly as a result? Um, maybe. Did the fact that no Big East representative was sitting in the room during this conversation cause this? Um, yes. So maybe it's not a conspiracy. Maybe no one really had a personal grudge against Boeheim. Maybe they just used bad data to make a monumentally bad decision. I guess we'll just have to move on now. There's nothing else to do.

No Orange

Syracuse is horrible. Just accept it and move on with your life.

Home News Tribune

"It's the perfect opportunity to do a lot of betting in a short amount of time," said Bill Elenbark, 35, of South Brunswick, who was sitting next to Young with eight or nine brackets of his own.


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